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Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

Having clean, clear and sparkling windows on your home or business property certainly comes with a host of benefits. Beachfront properties, restaurants, homes and professional businesses have the advantage of choosing from the best Long Beach window cleaners in the area.

The benefits of regular professional window cleaning and maintenance are many. Ramp up the appearance of your building’s exterior, plus extend the life of your windows for the long-term.

Keep your windows in good shape over time by hiring professional Los Angeles window cleaners to keep your  home or business in top shape. Here are the top five benefits of professional window maintenance.

  1. Professional appearance. Imagine potential buyers pulling up to your real estate property, and the windows are grubby and smudgy. Not exactly the best first impression. Or think about a new prospect arriving at your office building and noticing the fingerprinted windows, bugs in the ledges, and condensation build-up inside the window panes. And for restaurants and retail, this first impression would be unacceptable to potential customers.

A professional appearance is critical to the way people perceive your property, and clean, maintained windows really make a difference in the outward appearance of your building, whether residential or commercial.

  1. Extend the life of your windows. Aside from providing a professional appearance for your employees, customers, clients, and guests, regularly cleaned and maintained windows also extends the life of your window investment. Regular window cleanings keep the surface condition of the glass panes, frames and surrounding areas in top shape, preventing scratching, chipping, and cracking.
  1. More cost-effective over time. Cleaning windows is much more cost-effective than replacing windows. Regular window cleaning and window maintenance can be affordable when done a few times per year, but can get costly if left undone for months or years on end. Letting windows get dusty, dirty, covered in fingerprints and other debris is a lot more difficult to remove when it’s been caked on for months, or in some cases, even years at a time.

Regular maintenance, however, makes sure that your windows stay clean and don’t trap harmful buildup that can be time-intensive to remove later down the road, and can even damage the glass if left untreated. Additionally, window seals can become damaged from this type of buildup, leading to foggy windows, condensation, and air leaks that cause energy inefficiencies, causing you even more money on heat or air conditioning throughout the year.

  1. Remove contaminants. While fingerprints and dust aren’t great for windows, there are other corrosive contaminants that window maintenance takes care of, too. Regular window cleaning keeps corrosive contaminants like hard water, acid rain, and oxidation off of your glass, removing buildup and keeping a clean, sharp look. Even in California, without snowstorms or heavy rain to worry about, windows are still exposed to the elements. And with this, the glass panes really do take the brunt of the weather by taking on dust, heat, smog, and other particles.
  1. Clean windows, hassle-free. Have you ever asked, “Can’t I clean my windows myself?” Some folks wonder if they actually need to hire someone to clean their windows. Can’t they just do it themselves?

Sure, you could, if you’re up for the challenge. Technically, you can clean your windows yourself, but most people opt not to! Especially if you have multiple stories and hard-to-reach windows, cleaning windows yourself isn’t the easiest task. Actually, it’s dangerous.

You need to have the proper equipment, including safety equipment for folks working at heights, plus the right chemicals and tools to clean the windows effectively and safely without causing damage to the windows, siding, and surrounding areas. And finally, you need to have the skill and technique required to clean the windows without your work resulting in unsightly streaks and scratches. If you’re inexperienced, you could very well leave the windows dirtier and looking worse than when you found them.

So, it’s truly a wiser move to leave this job to the professionals. Professional Los Angeles window cleaners will have years of experience in the trade. A reputable window maintenance crew will have made the investments in their equipment, tools, and everything else needed to operate legally and safely. And, they should be insured as well, providing peace of mind and adhering to all legal requirements.

Professional Los Angeles Window Cleaners

Professional window cleaners with experience have already learned all the lessons, and sometimes the hard way! If you own a multi-story building or are in charge of its maintenance, it’s pertinent to leave this job to professionals.

Don’t take the chance of completely ruining the glass, or worse, having an injury due to working at heights without the proper safety equipment, knowledge, and experience.

When should you call a window cleaner?

While any window cleaning is better than nothing, we recommend that you consider scheduling window maintenance twice or thrice yearly. This is because two to three times per year tends to be the sweet spot for keeping windows in top condition in the California climate.

Here are a few conditions where our customers schedule their window cleanings:

  • Real estate open houses —for the best first impression to prospective buyers
  • Retail business grand openings — to showcase products in the best light
  • Restaurant grand openings — don’t let cleanliness issues turn guests away
  • Regular quarterly commercial building cleanings — maintain all areas of your business at once

Signs You Need to Schedule Window Cleaning for Your Home or Business

Have you noticed condensation, foggy windows, or air leaking through your window seals? What about dead bugs piled in your window sills?

Needless to say, none of these issues are a great look in the eyes of your customers, clients, or even dinner guests! And all of these issues are likely caused by the same thing: irregular window cleaning. Perhaps it’s been years since you’ve had the windows professionally cleaned, which results in loose window seals, trapped heat and potential long-term window damage.

Professional Long Beach window cleaners will carefully clean out dusty and buggy window ledges and tracks, dirty screens, hard water deposits, and take all the steps necessary to care for the glass, frames and screens so they look perfectly clean and clear, the way windows should look.

Clean Your Panes and Frames

When you’re selecting Long Beach window cleaners for your home or business property, you deserve a professional experience where your questions and concerns are answered, and your windows are cleaned meticulously to standard.

Get clean, clear, sparkling windows with no streaks, no mess, and no hassle!

Choose a professional, licensed, and insured window cleaning company to help you turn smudges to shine, impressing onlookers, saving money, and upping your professionalism.

Clean windows really are a win-win.

If your home and business is in the area and you’re looking for window cleaning in Los Angeles or Long Beach area to help you with this task, might we suggest hiring a company with a solid reputation, including great reviews from customers, and of course, a quality service and result.

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