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5 Exterior Projects That Instantly Add Value to Your Home

When people think about home remodeling projects that will add value to their property, their minds often go to their kitchen or bathrooms: but it’s time to think outside of your home. 

 Any home’s exterior has hidden value that can be built into it. These are five exterior projects that will instantly add value to your property while also shifting the way it looks.

1. Cleaning Sidewalks and Driveways


We all want a fresh and clean property that looks brand new when we pull into the driveway. Unfortunately, cars and other vehicles are full of oil and other liquids that can spill and stain or ruin our properties. If your lawn is older or struggling, consider looking into how to remove oil stains from driveways.


One of the best ways is to consider renting a pressure washer or avoiding the risk of doing it yourself and hiring a service instead. Pressure washers use water to blast away oil, grime, pollen, and any other debris and leave a new-looking surface.


This service can also be used on your siding, deck, brick, or other surfaces around your property to leave them with a brand new and exciting look. Instead of settling for stained and discolored surfaces, allow your property to really shine.

2. Updating your garage door

Replacing your garage door offers the highest return on investment of any home improvement project. Not only does it offer a fresh look for your property, but it also ensures that you don’t have to deal with the stress of a garage door that works poorly or doesn’t open when you need it to.


While in there, consider updating other portions of your garage. This could mean adding more storage or adding epoxy garage floor paint, which will keep it cleaner for longer and with a fresh look.

 Although updating your garage door is a great project to get an awesome return on your investment, it’s not the only way your garage can boost your home’s value.

3. Adding a fantastic deck


More homeowners are looking for ways that they can spend time outside with their loved ones. Although every home has an outdoor area you can spend time in: it’s a good idea to make it a space that feels purposeful and like it should be used in this way. A fantastic addition to any yard is a deck.

Not only does this add visual interest to your property, but it gives you the chance to guide eyes into seeing your lawn as something larger and more spacious. This will also help buyers picture their lives in this property, thinking about how they’d spend time on this deck and what they could do with the exterior space.

Make sure that when you build it, you seal it and add safety features like a welded wire deck railing. These will protect your home and those who walk through it, ensuring there’s no falling or damage.

4. Updating your lawns and gardens

The least expensive update you can make, with the most drastic change, is updating the green spaces around your property. This means adding flower gardens, updating and trimming shrubberies and hedges, and cutting and maintaining your grass.


Try to create a lawn that works for the area you live in. If you live in a dry area like the southwestern US, consider using plants that are native to your area instead of paying hundreds to water and maintain grass that doesn’t naturally grow there.


If you live in a swampy or flood-prone area, consider putting in a rain garden. This will run the water deep into your soil, keep your property in place with its roots, and will stop any chance of flooding. By combining these with water trenches to guide even more water away, you won’t have to worry about your property getting underwater.

5. Replacing Out-of-Date Siding or Roofing

How old is your siding or roof? The older they are:, the more they hurt your property’s value. Beyond this, an older roof or siding can quickly ruin your heating or cooling bill, allowing the temperature of the outside weather to make its way inside to ruin your monthly budget. Consider looking at the different types of siding for your home.


Of course, these are expensive to replace or update: but it’s vital that you don’t let that hold you back. Updating them before you list your home will boost the property’s value by at least that much and will ensure that you don’t have to deal with buyers who have trepidation because they don’t want to deal with a project property when they buy. 

Your property can gain value in no time!

Whether you only bought your property to flip it, or this is a home you’ve spent decades in there are going to be ways you can add value and interest to it. Consider following some of these project ideas to boost your home from the outside in.