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Top Benefits of Pressure Washing your Home or Business

As a homeowner or building owner, you know that ongoing maintenance is key to avoiding money pit repairs. Staying on top of maintenance gives your home or business longevity, and prevents you from having to shell out the big bucks on major repairs once damage has gone too far.

When you’re checking your to-do list of ongoing maintenance, cleaning the exterior of your building structure is undoubtedly one of your items to address. But with this task, many questions tend to arise, such as:

   Should you pressure wash your home or business building?

   Should you wash your roof?

   Why and what are the benefits of pressure washing?

   How often should you power wash your home, business, or roof?

Here, we’re going to cover when you should power wash a home or business building, when you should power wash a roof, and the benefits of doing so in all of these instances.

Should You Pressure Wash a Home?

There are a few key times in the lifespan of your home or office building where you’ll want to keep power washing in mind, both aesthetically as well as a preventative maintenance tactic.

Instantly improve Curb Appeal. If your home or office building is beginning to look run-down or has lost its original sparkle, one of the quickest ways you can turn things around is to power wash your home. Siding and brick attracts debris from the elements, especially in regions that are dusty or have periods of heavy rain or snow. In springtime, buildings can catch pollen and fallen debris from surrounding trees in bloom. And over time, mold and moss can embed into the siding of a building, causing an unsightly appearance.

When listing Real Estate. This is a big one for anyone who works in real estate or who is looking to sell a property. Improve the look of your building and appeal to potential buyers with a clean, attractive first impression. Your clients will appreciate the effort without even realizing it, and roof maintenance won’t be another “to-do” in their minds when considering whether to buy or put in a lower offer. Plus, since so many home buyers search online before looking at a property in person, power washing your listing will really amp up the appearance in photographs. An unsightly roof in photos is a turnoff, as the potential buyer may think more roof work needs to be done than meets the eye.

To reduce allergies. This fact comes as a surprise to many people, because you don’t even think about the connection between the exterior of your house and allergies! If anyone in your household suffers from seasonal allergies, power washing a home’s exterior can actually help reduce allergy symptoms. Pollen, mold, and other environmental contaminants can build up on the outside of your home, making its way to the inside and rustling up allergies. Power washing removes mold and other common allergens completely, resulting in cleaner air inside the home and happier residents.

To prevent additional damage. If you’ve caught any roof damage from seasonal rain or snow storms, power washing can ensure that the damage is halted from going any further. Storm debris can get caught in roof tiles, loosening the tiles and eventually leading to leaks.

Soft Washing Your Roof

No property owner wants to think about replacing the roof of their home or business more often than they absolutely need to. But without regular maintenance, roof replacements might have to happen sooner than expected. To maintain the roof on your property, you should have the roof power washed to remove debris and buildup that can deteriorate the materials more

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Roof?

Depending on your region, you should plan to power wash your roof every few years to keep it in top shape.

What are some signs your roof needs a power wash? Dark spots or patches on the roof can be an indicator of mold, which is bad news for the exterior as well as the interior of the structure.

Flat roofs on buildings can hold water for longer periods of time, resulting in mold growth and additional issues if not addressed.

It’s important to consult a professional to power wash your roof, since excess pressure from the hose could cause damage to some shingles, like asphalt composite shingles. In these cases, low pressure needs to be used when power washing. However, if you have concrete tiles or cedar shake roof, a higher pressure can be used.

A professional power washing company can assess your roof and recommend the best method to use to clean and preserve your roof for the long-term.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Roof

Should you soft wash a roof? Some say yes, some say no. The reality is, the answer depends on the type of roof and the type of pressure washing. For example, you don’t want to use a high-pressure hose on asphalt shingles, but you don’t want to neglect washing your roof for fear of damage.

This is where a professional pressure washing company can step in and help you get the job done right, and keep your roof in great shape. Here are some benefits of washing the roof of your home or business.

Save money on energy bills. A neglected roof can result in disintegrated or damaged shingles or growth of mold and buildup on the roof. Either of these issues cause excess absorption of sunlight which can heat your building in the summer months and ramp up your air-conditioning bills. And, thinning or crumbling shingles don’t insulate the home properly. This leads to heat or cool air escaping out of your home, raising your energy usage — and bills — even more.

Save money on repairs. Regular roof power washing results in clean and clear gutters and spouts, saving you money on repairing these components. Power washing removes residue from shingles and other corrosive materials that wear away at the roof and result in needed repairs. Save money and hassle on these repairs by scheduling regular power washing.

Aesthetic curb appeal. As a homeowner or business owner, you care about the look of your investment. A clean roof can completely transform the look of your home or business, making it more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers, customers, and guests.

Prevent damage. Your building is susceptible to damage from the weather, especially if you live in an area with frequent rain or
storms. Power washing your home can prevent damage caused by storm residue like fallen branches, mold or moss, and other debris. Now that we’ve covered when you should power wash a home or business building and roof, and the benefits of power washing, you may be considering hiring someone to help get the job done right.

Whether you’re looking to improve a home or business from years
of neglect, or you want to maintain the look of a newer structure, your local
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